The following is a testimonial from Jack Greber, CEO, Environmental Quality Management, Cincinnati, Ohio:

I had the pleasure to work closely with Rich Caserta during his tenure as CFO of our firm on many standard as well as complex financial, accounting, strategic, and operations items related to our business. Rich not only understood corporate finance, but he also had the strategic business knowledge and vision to critically analyze our company performance and then develop specific action Financial Successplans to improve processes, enhance efficiency, reduce operating expenses, and improve margins.

His analytical and report preparation/presentation skills are exceptional. He helped all of our senior management team better understand the financial aspects of our business, which enabled each of them to be more effective managers in terms of cost management and control, margin improvement, and protecting profitability. His personal character and professional integrity are impeccable, and his people skills are outstanding (i.e., he can work up and down the corporate management ladder smoothly and effectively).

We continue to access Rich for his exceptional talents on special projects, and I would highly recommend Rich to any organization that needs assistance in the areas of corporate finance, accounting, reducing operating expenses, strategic planning, and enhancing profitability.

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